Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Dr Ayoade Adeyemi is a fellow member of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN).

He is contesting for the position of SECOND VICE PRESIDENT of NIMN and canvassing for support and everyone within the circle of influence to vote for him as their preferred candidate in the forthcoming NIMN election.

Below is a Proposed Objectives as captured with the acronym A.I.D.A.S

A. Alignment of Vision – Propose Policies and processes that will help in the alignment of NIMN   Vision with the global best practices as a professional association

I.Innovation –   Bring onboard creative and innovative ideas that will inspire the  members for greater commitment and involvement in the activities of the Institute for personal career growth and professional development

D. Development of Programmes – Propose programmes that can help membership and revenue growth for the sustainability of the Institute as well as advance and promote the values of the Institute.

A. Activate Professional Circles – Propose activations of small groupings of unique professional circles using the marketing areas of specialisations (Marketing Mix) to create mentoring opportunities and expertise development for members.

S. Synergy and Collaboration – Propose projects that will create opportunities for collaborations, partnership and synergizing of ideas and, programmes for the development of members and the Institute. Leveraging my network and connections to create opportunities for all levels of membership and the Institute at large.

The voting starts on June 10th and ends on June 17th,2022.

You can get to know more about Dr. Ayo Adeyemi through these links:

LinkedIn: you.

Here are 7 reasons why you should vote for Dr Ayo Adeyemi

  1. He joined NIMN writing the stages examinations and qualified in 1999 and am now a Fellow.
  2. He was inducted as an Associate in the year 2000 (over 20 years ago) and got the overall best candidate award- Presidential Award among over 600 inductees
  3. He has worked as a Management staff at NIMN and was instrumental in the unification of the factions.
  4. He has worked as Registrar/CEO and Secretary to the Council at NIMN and was instrumental in the unification of the factions
  5. He has served on various Council Committees as Chairman and member.
  6. He was a member of the Council and learnt as well as understudied the system. So, it helps in the succession planning process.
  7. He is young, vibrant and a bridge between the generations ( especially Gen. X and Gen. Z)
  8. He is a good team player, passionate about the Marketing Profession and have immensely contributed to the advancement of NIMN globally.

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