Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

By: Salako T.O

Indeed, Ramadan is a special month 9which cultivates deep supplications and prayers, it usually comes with abundant lots of lessons and blessings to mankind.

Nonetheless, Ramadan is not just a month to abstain from eating, drinking, sexual illicit and other social vices, rather to improve our Iman, learn the scriptures of the Lord and extend appreciations to human race of all kinds.

Zakat is one of the cardinal parts of Ramadan that the the privileged (wealthy folks), all and sundry are expected to observe during the last tenth of the month.

However, this Zakat cannot be overemphasised due to the fact that it makes the less privileged within the society come to the world’s limelight at least for a while. It shifts the paradigm of attention to them and see the need to invest more in humanity and society.

Indeed, Ramadan is a month of blessings when the top notch personalities roll down to the level of common men, flock together to different religious programmes and events, during this epoch, everyone is equal in sight and level, the world wealthy leaders become peers of the world, wretched ones all in the name of Merciful God seeking forgiveness.

Recently, I stumbled on a traditional media report (online version) which explained how politicians donate several bags of food stuff. Sincerely, it’s a welcomed idea.
Though, this isn’t the first time politicians and big personalities will be extending such gesture, but I am challenging the so-called authorities, what is the motive behind this honorary charity gesture ?

Without doubt, 2023 is fast approaching, different methods and ways will surely be deployed by public relation practitioner of these politicians. Clearly, the populace should get this clear that “Government can’t make her citizen rich in wealth but at least they can make life more interesting and comfortable for them by the policies they make.”

To be candid, how far are the policies been effective, at what range do these policies shape our living? Do we really think by giving bag of food stuff or materials will make life bearable for the Reality of Ramadan’s Charity?

Do developed nations around the world actually give their citizens money, do they actually give them permanent job opportunities that will sustain their livelihoods? I guess not, rather the government should create an enabling environment for big and small businesses to thrive through the policies they implement.

We have a common statement that is now part of our lifestyle “Ramadan has met Ramadan on ground” as an innocent mind, you will hardly get the interpretation of this, but as the wind keeps blowing it becomes more crystal clear that life is getting more expensive day by day especially in our dear land.

Our religious leaders, every year, (Ramadan time) tell us the protocols involved in giving “Zakat” and what kind of treasures we can use to offer this purified Godly sacrifice. But, generally, the people prefer giving food stuff due to poverty stricken situation of the country with the sole belief that food might bring succor to them at that moment.

More over, the religious clerics opined that; life stock animals, crops, jewelleries, money among other valuable materials can be used for this Zakat. Then, can’t all this be used to improve lives ahead of the next Ramadan? Must it be the same old routine we track all the time?

Hunger born out of penury is ravaging the land which has led to moral decadence in our society. Virtue, therefore, has been lost all in name of healthy standard of living. Ramadan has gone but the lessons that it taught is still much more around.
Let government, institutions and individuals stand up to their duties so we can have a better nation.

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