Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

By: Busy Brain

From afar
Glimpsing at the Luna moon
The Holy month is here
The month of Ramadan

Beneath my quizzical glare
I see men chanting and beating drums
to awake brethren for sahur
While many on takbir seeking forgiveness
and rahama to come down

I see men as calm as a dove
in Masjid rendering supplications
while men of God in the day and night
preaching from the holy Quran
I see crisp kunu, zobo, and fruits
on the scream of delighted children
hawking, to and fro
awaiting prayer for iftar

I see the wealthy giving alms
in the midst of the needy
while forbidden arenas locked like a strong room in broad daylight
I see seasoned rosaries and turbans
here and there, up and down
like men awaiting judgment day

Mother, I have seen wide and clear
I have come back home to roost
Serve my pap, it is iftar
The Rahama has come down.

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