Tue. Sep 20th, 2022

Currently Nigeria is blessed with the population of over 200million habitat. It might sound a little bit exaggerated but it is phenomenonly. We are blessed with good human relations and natural resources which is undisputed making the country great and well recognized in the world today.

With the little assertion above, everyone want to be a leader where the world recognized them, they want to control the citizen, natural resources. They want power to be free from law, whereas no one is above it. They really want to rule over the land, just as the game of the throne.

Now,the season has comes, election campaign, propaganda agenda, propaganda formation, propaganda theory has been trending with their sugar coated strategies in deceiving the flexible minded citizens.

We are in era of democracy where you are free to select whom you want on the throne, but here in Nigeria, they buy our heart with thousands. Although a free and fair election has been widely recognized as one of the fundamental pillar of democracy. But the pillar here has been tampered with.

Now, if I become the next president, I will give you good road, good water, good education. Enough is enough, these are stories for the gods. We keep hearing the same every campaigning of their propagandist speeches.

Good road has been In a competition with bore hole on our roads, good education, yet unemployment, asuu strike, asup strike. “I wil create employment”, but now unemployment are employing the graduates, no space in federal, state, local government even though you graduate with first class.good electricity, yet we have epileptic power supply. It have become a tradition when you have six hours electricity, you begin to think other wise, if the power holding company won’t suffer you the next day.

If I become the next president has become a lyric and composed songs for the citizens, it has been an agenda of suffering in disguise for the publics. When they finally become the president their promises and agenda will be hanged on the street for the birds to feed on them.

It time we wake up again, arise, the thousands naira shared to buy our heart is another years sufferings in coming. It is the ticket, agreement for another suffering, extension of lamentations and genesis of sorrow.

It high time we unify our hearts, rejection of offers that will add another salt to our injuries should be avoided. It high time we put an end to bad governance, bad leaders. The solution lies within you and I.

The fact remains that we all know the truth, our common sense theory should be employed for now, let choose the right person, let the paradigm shift from old age to young age. Let the leader of tomorrow comes into power. The tomorrow is now.

Election rigging is real but with our masses turning out and decision to choose the right leader, rigging will be useless. We need the messiah now.
The youth really need to step up, it obvious that our grand fathers in power has failed us, they are not competent, they should be indoor, relaxing and get feeder by us. Let the mantle of leadership change today.
Our imagination is enough, we need action, we do not want to be a puppet again. Let go to our hide out, let peep the new era, technology world, we need to come out and choose who is right. We don’t need to go abroad for treatment, we have what it takes to have good health sector, good education, employment.

We do not If I become the next president, we need action, result and we need that next president that will keep to his word. We don’t want to be paralyzed in our paradigm anymore. We need a shift in paradigm.

Akande Adesoye Olaitan

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