Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Today is a special day, a day of joy, merriness, and a day to reminisce on the past and evaluate it with what the future has in stock. Today is one of the days people know their worth and value in the minds of others through wishes, messages, gifts, and many lots. Since morning, the SSANIP secretary’s inbox would have been flooded with birthday greetings from beloved ones, friends, families, colleagues, and others.

Kindness is inborn, hereditary, or can be imbibed, I don’t know how Mr. Adana got his own but his kindness is beyond mockery and reproach. His magnificent traits are a mixture of moral values, distinctive integrity, charismatic personality, and refined respect not only for elders or senior colleagues but also for his subordinates. His uniqueness is ramped in his mild and calm way of life.

I have met with people of different characters and personalities, for Mr. Adana, he has a large heart that accommodates all and he treats people with respect. He is active, dedicated, and committed to official and unofficial duties as assigned by the Polytechnic, the Union, and Nature.

Like general maxim that says if one wants to know man’s ability, he should be given power. Through power, man misbehaves especially those at the helm of affairs. Mr. Adana has never bathed in the pool of ego, his humility is rare and one of its kind. This writer knows not about his anger because I have never witnessed one. His perfect gentility is that of humility and not timidity. He remains taciturn to provocations and administers diplomacy in his administrative functions with high instincts.

Like a messiah, he extends helping hands within his capacity and capability where it is required. He listens with keen interest to complaints and comments and is always ready to help without prejudice. History has what it resides for creatures who have made their path counts in the forest of the brave. To the knowledge of this writer, Mr. Adana has made a positive impact in the lives of many in cash and kind.

A birthday like this is worth celebrating because it is that of a legend who works at the Directorate of information, Public Relations, and Protocols of the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State. Happy Birthday to FEDPOFFA SSANIP Secretary, long life and more prosperous years ahead. May you continue to function in all your areas of interest…Cheers!

Busy Brain Writes from the Directorate of Information, Public Relations, and Protocols, the Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State

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