Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

The Acting Rector of the Federal Polytechnic Offa Kwara State, Dr. Olarongbe Afolabi has reiterated that the Polytechnic management headed by him is committed to eradicating corruption in education.

Dr. Olarongbe revealed this to journalists during a ‘No to corruption in education campaign’ recently held in the institution.

He said ‘Say No Corruption in Education Campaign’ championed by the Polytechnic is an attestation to what the school is doing to fight corruption.

According to him, “The present administration which I head is committed to fighting corruption and we are doing it so well. We have been talking to students and staffers, adding that stopping corruption is one of the principal mantras of his administration and the administration has been working with relevant units in the institution like Servicom, Anti Corruption, and Transparency Unit to tame corruption.

Speaking about corruption generally in Nigeria, he said “stopping corruption completely in Nigeria, if I say it is possible in Nigeria; I am not being realistic. But the fact is that corruption can be contained. And when you are containing corruption, you are stopping it gradually. The ultimate goal is to stop it completely, but we have to start from somewhere and we are starting on a very good note in this Polytechnic.

Stopping corruption completely will depend on everyone’s mindset. The thing is in Nigeria we are so hypocritical in fighting corruption. Are we sincere? Or we are just doing mere propaganda? The present government wants to fight corruption. And we would remember when President Muhammadu Buhari assumed power, he said corruption is one of the things he would fight. Security is also there and the economy. Buhari has been fighting corruption, but how far has he gone?

“He is doing it, but as far as we don’t change our mindset, it would be very hard to eliminate corruption in this country. But we can get there, we have started. We know where we are going.

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