Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

( Busy Brain Writes From Offa, Kwara State )

The death of Iku baba yeye is still much the talk of the town. It is a least of wonders that Alaafin’s death after some days is still making screaming headlines and basking in the pool of opinions from notable writers. Erin wo, ajanaku sun (an elephant has fallen ) but left his subjects to continue from where he stopped. Alaafin is more than big. His death will continue to linger in memories and history will be told to the generations yet unborn. The southwest region is kept in the mood of reflection that would stand the thirst of time.

Iku baba yeye had gone. He left a legacy with beautiful footprints; not only that, he left beautiful and classic wives. A peculiar trait among monarchs is their choice of the queen. kings will never settle for less, they marry the finest of the finest. Among the queens have ever seen, none is less rated. Their beauty is a xerox of a mermaid. They are the best in their various kingdoms. They are lovable.

Alaafin’s case is not different amidst other royalties. He denounced the maxim that says the beautiful ones are not yet born. Alaafin’s palace housed the beautiful, classic, elegant, and posh wives in numbers. These wives will not only miss the vibes of Iku Baba yeye but his amorous relationship in-between and within.

Alaafin’s Queens are priceless jewels, that are part and parcel of his long and peaceful reign. With prayer and support in the palace and the other room, Iku baba yeye achieved what he could be able to achieve. U arguably, his beautiful angels formed a stronghold of peace love and progress in his temple and among his kinsmen.

Virtuous women are not hidden, for Oba Adeyemi, one needs not to be told of the impressive contributions of his beautiful wives from the top to the bottom. Kabiesi started well and landed safely. He drove good cars, wore valuable couture, and controlled fair skin damsels. He lived a fulfilled life.

For obvious reasons, one cannot shy away from the fact that behind every successful man, there are good and well-cultured women. Alaafin never walked alone. He built his castle of love on a golden path where his glamorous babes found solace. They did not only support the king, they gave him peace of mind on the throne to focus on his destined mission until his time counts on a Good Friday when he bade all farewell.

Oba Adeyemi’s death has created a vacancy for anyone who picks interest in any of the queens. It was announced that the Queens can remarry but the decision to get married again and who to get married to is solely theirs, I see queens as sacred since kings are the second in command to deities. For anyone to date the Alaafin’s sacred wives, he must not be an ordinary person. Such marriage is of national interest that will stir reactions, who is fit to put on iku baba yeye’s cap? It is like the skull of an elephant, is not what a kid can toy with.

My point in this opinion is simple and clear concerning Baba Yemi Elebu Ibon’s note of warning to prospective husbands of the Queens.

Traditionalist and Araba Awo of Osogbo land, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon cautioned men against going for the wives of the late Alaafin of Oyo until they complete some rites. These rites are what I interpellate as sacred. Dating Alaafin’s wives goes beyond being mere man. If they are not inherited by next Alaafin, the protective suitor must be a man of high timber and calibre, mahogany, iroko, ogbeche…etcetera.

My condolence to the beautiful creatures of Iku Baba Yeye. May Kabiesi’s soul continue to rest in peace.

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