Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Like many other days, a day like this is once a year. It is a day of reminiscing on the past, the good moments, and worthwhile explorations for a future adventure.

Every 2nd of February speaks about a virtuous woman, mother of sages, the jewel of an architect, epitome of beauty, and wealthy diadem, Alhaja Idiat Morayo Atoke Olatinwo.


Birthday that is worthy of celebration is not all about merriment, jamboree, and profligacy spending. The kind of birthday celebrated today was an ‘exotic surprise;’ not from anyone but her beloved husband, ‘May Architect’. It was a blissful moment with her generous man of honor, Arc. Fatai Olatinwo, of course, the celebrant and her husband know the value of prayer and hold it in high esteem. The celebrant and her king know that givers never lack and they give to the needy, the celebrant and her priceless jewel know, there is no deity of worship except Allah and they made supplications to the creature of the universe, for the rare gift of life, health, successes, and breakthroughs. Alhamdulillah.


Like some birthday events where pervasive perfume would be stench of beer, trophies and many lots; these categories would not mind because it is their style of celebration. But today, the lesson in the celebration is simple and clear: Quranic verses and trumpet of Grace, all rented the air with the voices of well-wishers Glorying His Holy name…”Glory be to God for the gift of life; for another year.”

Truth be told, a fulfilled life worthy of emulation is not about wealth without virtue or respect, with sincerity of purpose, the cheerful and virtuous nature of Alhaja Idiat is worthy of emulation. With her befitting smile that allays fear, she approaches people with deserving respect.

The least of worry is when you see her in her astonishing attire, it is her golden smile with a scintillating gap-teeth that housed her joy giver, the architect of peace. What a role model with dignified simplicity. ’51st like 16th,’ to God alone, be the Glory.

51st hearty cheers to a refined queen in the temple of a renowned architect. Wishing you long life, sound health, and more prosperous years ahead. Happy Birthday, Ma…Mummy Wariz.


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